Google Site Map Generator and Broken Link Checker

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Found two great sites today to help create a sitemap for google and find broken links. It indexed over 3000 pages and helped me discover 2 big broken links. It even pointed me to which line in the code the broken link was found. Great websites~

How to keep the carriage return in textarea using PHP?

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I’ve created submission forms with the textarea box, but when I echoed out the submission, all the carriage returns disappeared! Of course you don’t want to force the user to type <br /> or <p> tags into the posts. Actually, I learned that the carriage returns did not disappear, you simply need to add a… Read more »

Find a needle in a haystack with PHP in_array

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Want to see if a single item is in an array in PHP? Use in_array. For example, you have an array of colors and you want to find if red exists. Try this… $array = array(red, blue, green); if (in_array(“red”, $array)) { echo “has red”; }

Preventing users from going backwards

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We created a quiz on┬áthat allows people to get coins if they get the right answer. If you get enough coins you can get on the high score list. However, I found that some people were using the back button on the browser and doing the same question again and again. The better idea… Read more »