New JSON Pretty Printer

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Created a new JSON Pretty Printer that formats JSON data into readable text. Other attributes include: Back Button Clear Function Autofocus to Input Box Prints Post Data Size Visit or

New website added!

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Introducing KidsPowerTV, the new website and Youtube Channel designed for kids. We are starting with fun, easy going, entertaining videos to help parents teach and young children to learn fundamental knowledge. Our first video illustrates our style of fun, relaxing, and designed with young people in mind. – English Vocabulary Online Flash Cards

Posted by & filed under Applications, Development., is built to help Chinese speakers learn English and Japanese vocabulary quickly and conveniently. It’s designed to work on a full-screen desktop computer and mobile devices. It has a database over 4000 everyday English words and 140 useful categories. A card page consists of a small quiz, where the user must choose the correct… Read more » - 故事接龙网

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We are excited to introduce a Chinese version of our website called (Chinese:故事接龙网). This new website offers the same great user experience as in Chinese. Both and allow users to go through a Choose Your Own Adventure story but when they reach the end, they have the chance to write… Read more »

New Web Adventuring :

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Looking for a Choose Your Own Adventure book with a twist? Check out, the new online community story building site. On, you choose a story and start your adventure. Each page gives you a piece of the story and you decide which direction to take. The exciting twist is that when you get… Read more »