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Here’s a list of CDN that operate in China and seem to be well maintained/stable.

Baidu CDN
Boot CDN
Sina CDN
Upai CDN

This website offers clones of google fonts and public files for China.

They mainly offer the standard JS libraries and frameworks like jQuery, Angular, Vue JS, React, etc.

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Minted Sky Studios, creator of “US vs UK English“, the successful online English learning tool, announced today their new iOS application called VR English. VR English is an education app that is powered by Minted Sky’s wildly successful REAL-LIFE conversation training system. The ultimate goal of the new app is to help English as a Second Language (ESL) students real life conversation scenarios to practice their English skills. The app is available on the App Store.

VR English Before returning to America, Mark Powers, a developer for Minted Sky Studios worked in English Language Education overseas. While working as an educator, he learned about the challenges non-native speakers of English face in everyday conversation.

“I want everyone to have chance to learn English correctly. There are no excuses,” said Mark. “I’m fed up with English courses that are boring and don’t relate to the real world. There is a more fun and practical way to really improve your English skills. English skills are built with real life practice and usage.”

Minted Sky Studios has defined their brand with entertaining, useful, and real-life focus on English learning. In the VR English app, users are able to practice their English in over a dozen real life conversations in a game like environment. The Studios hope the app will help users to discover the value of conversation practice as a means to speak and understand English like a native speaker.

About Minted Sky Studios
Minted Sky Studios is a developer of videos, websites, and iOS and Android applications. With millions of views and downloads, find out more about Minted Sky Studio applications at

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For example, if you wish to hide or show a textbox based on if a checkbox is selected:


<input id="showTextbox" type="checkbox" />
<textarea id="textbox"></textarea>


    $("#textbox").show();  // checked
    $("#textbox").hide();  // unchecked

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Introducing KidsPowerTV, the new website and Youtube Channel designed for kids. We are starting with fun, easy going, entertaining videos to help parents teach and young children to learn fundamental knowledge.

Our first video illustrates our style of fun, relaxing, and designed with young people in mind.

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Ever see an ad that didn’t fill the whole space it was intended for? Then the extra space changes an awful shade of yellow? Finally, the answer to this problem is as easy as adding a line of CSS.

Change the background color of the ins element in CSS to match the background color of your page and Voilà, the yellow has disappeared!

ins { background: #fff !important; }

I found that using the !important was necessary as well to ensure the yellow was always gone.

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Sometimes when I create a link, the cursor doesn’t change to a hand to help the user understand they can click on element. Thus, its helpful to have the cursor change to a hand on hover. No need for javascript or jquery here, you can easily implement the effect with CSS.


.myElement:hover { cursor: pointer; cursor: hand; }


<li class="myElement" > Stuff here </li>