Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Explore the Solar System (for kids)

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This new animated video was made to help our little explorers enjoy learning about the planets to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The little red rocket blasts into space to explore the solar system and beyond. Made for, moderated for kids, with videos kids like to watch that are fun and safe.

New Video for

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We produced a new video for This new exciting website for Chinese users to enjoy “Choose Your Own Adventure” experience, but the users get to add to the adventure when they reach the end.

Don’t be a Butt Head! Go to

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Do you have problems with road rage, angry drivers, or are you just a bad driver. Improve your skills, learn the Rules of the Road, get a Drivers License! Just go to! Craig helped make this video in Arizona and final editing was done at Minted Sky Studios in Shanghai. Our new website… Read more »

US vs. UK English – Learning English

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The all-new US vs. UK English website ( was built to make learning English fun. It combines American and British English phrases and vocabulary with games, tests, chat rooms, free lessons, Choose your own Adventure, and a BBS.

Worst Music Video Ever?

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At Minted Sky Studios, we believe in not taking yourself too seriously. Here is a music video we made featuring “The Band” called Crap. Possibly the worst music video ever. Notice the high-powered air guitars, stage dancing, and Rock & Roll long underwear