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I’ve created submission forms with the textarea box, but when I echoed out the submission, all the carriage returns disappeared! Of course you don’t want to force the user to type <br /> or <p> tags into the posts. Actually, I learned that the carriage returns did not disappear, you simply need to add a bit of code to when you output the content. By using nl2br all the carriage returns appear again~!


PHP Code:

$data = mysql_query('SELECT text FROM table');
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($data))
   echo "<p>".nl2br($row['text'])."</p>n";

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Want to see if a single item is in an array in PHP? Use in_array. For example, you have an array of colors and you want to find if red exists. Try this…

$array = array(red, blue, green); 

if (in_array("red", $array)) {
    echo "has red";

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We created a quiz on that allows people to get coins if they get the right answer. If you get enough coins you can get on the high score list. However, I found that some people were using the back button on the browser and doing the same question again and again. The better idea would be to track if the user had done that question before and penalize or prevent them from  getting coins for doing the same question, and I will try to do that for the long term. I did learn a little trick though to prevent people from using the back button. By adding this javascript in the head (I didn’t test if this would work at the bottom)

  <script type="text/javascript"> 
    function noBack() { window.history.forward(); }

and add the following to the body tag…

<body onload="noBack();"
    onpageshow="if (event.persisted) noBack();" onunload=""> 

this would prevent people from easily going back to the question they just finished. There are ways to get around this for the user, but they would have to have a lot more free time than me to waste to do it.

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Do you have problems with road rage, angry drivers, or are you just a bad driver. Improve your skills, learn the Rules of the Road, get a Drivers License! Just go to!

Craig helped make this video in Arizona and final editing was done at Minted Sky Studios in Shanghai.

Our new website has had a very successful start and we are excited to provide a fun way for people to improve their driving skills and get the certification they desire.

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At Minted Sky Studios, we believe in not taking yourself too seriously. Here is a music video we made featuring “The Band” called Crap.

Possibly the worst music video ever. Notice the high-powered air guitars, stage dancing, and Rock & Roll long underwear

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Minted Sky Studios

Welcome to Minted Sky Studios new website. We are excited about the future development of the integrated media and we look forward to offering exciting products and services taking advantage of all there is to offer using websites, video, and applications. Please check back with our website to follow our development!

Thank you,

Minted Sky Studios Team

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Here are several URLs you can go to if you want to add your website to Chinese search engines for free.

Google China

Yahoo! China



MSN China



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Google Trends Pic

Google offers a new tool to learn the trends of keywords and websites. You simply type in the words you want to compare (non-English words are ok too) into the input box. Google Trends then provides you a chart of the search patterns using these key words over the past few years. You can do the same with websites, and compare activity as well.

For example I did a search on a few of the top Chinese websites ( – blue, – red, – yellow) and discovered that in the past 2 years has really taken off in views. You can also do a country specific search by country and sub-region. So you could check China and then look into activity just within Beijing. This tool is also useful for SEO (Search Engine Opitimization). Once again, a great tool by Google.

You can try Google Trends at